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Acid and Tender: A Short Film by Animal Heart Poet-in-Residence Jen Rouse

We had a wonderful Twitter interview with Jen Rouse Wednesday night, and in it, she talked about how integral to her process art is. And she doesn't just experience art through the eyes, but also through the ears, nose, mouth and skin. Writers who remember to experience their art through every sense imaginable open up a new world. 

Rouse's chapbook, Acid and Tender, was released in 2016.

"This poet," wrote art historian Christina Morris Penn-Goetsch, "approaches the inconography of Kahlo's paintings as if crafting intercessory prayers to the feminist icon. The poetry then shifts from art historical references to a personal journey that indulges the memories of being a mother, daughter, and granddaughter confronted by mythic figures."

As part of her process of writing and promoting Acid and Tender, Rouse created a short film. We asked if we could share it with you, and she was gracious enough to say...absolutely! Click this link to watch. You can purchase h…

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